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Wrestling Camps

Wrestling is all about experience! We can take the most athletic kid and put him up against a less athletic but more skilled and experienced Wrestler and the results rarely change. The experienced wrestler always comes out on top. While the Jr. Wolverine program works on building skills, we are only able to practice when the schools are open. With that said, we have close relationships with all the Local Wrestling Training centers. Those centers host camps during holiday breaks, the Olympic Style Seasons, and over the summer. I would highly recommend having your wrestler try some of these camps throughout the year. Also, it would be great accessory work for your wrestler!

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Level Up Pre-Season Camps

2023 Wrestling Camp Schedule


  • 4 Day = $250

  • 3 Day = $175

  • 2 Day = $100-125 (depending on event)

  • Single Day Clinics = $40-$65 (depending on event)

  • Sibling Discount = 15% off each wrestler

  • Holiday Camps have 1, 2 and 3 day options

**Wrestlers are encouraged to bring a practice partner of similar size & skill**

**Camps are limited to a maximum of 50 wrestlers. Please register ASAP to reserve your spot**


Jr. Wolverine Spring Camp

The Woodstock Wrestling Program is running a spring camp on Tuesdays from 6 to 7pm in March, April, and May. The remainder of the school year. Contact Coach Joe for details. Open to youth and high school wrestlers. Pending

Woodstock Wrestling Spring Camp Notification 2022
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MF Greco 3-Part Camp


MF Greco Fridays!!!

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