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Jr. Wolverine Rules

Wrestling Room Rules!

1. Have fun

2. Work hard

3. Be a good partner

4. Listen to the coach

5. Don't climb on the wall

Competition Rules

  1. Have fun

  2. Work hard

  3. Listen to the coach

  4. Be a good Sport

  • Shake your opponents hand

  • Shake the opposing coaches hand

  • Thank the referee and shake their hand


Tournament Expectations for Parents and Coaches

Coach Expectations

  • Teach wrestlers good sportsmanship

  • Remain collected under pressure. No cussing and abusive language to refs, opposing coaches, or wrestlers

  • Most importantly, Coach wrestlers Up!! These are kids and we want them to have fun and return

Parent and Spectator Expectations

  • Stay in the stands Tourney Rules state you must have coaching card to be on the floor. 

  • Let the coaches coach, be there to support your wrestler and encourage fun.

  • Be a fan, not a back seat driver. The kids are at these tourneys to learn and for the coaches to see how we can adjust to help them improve. You are there to cheer them up!

  • The Jr. Wolverines are a class act, keep the language and behavior in the stands professional 



Tournament Registration Info

The Jr. Wolverines wrestle mostly in Team Georgia Wrestling Tournaments. Wrestlers must have a USA card to prior to registering to wrestle in Tournaments. Most information on registration can be found on the team Georgia website. 

USA Card Process

Team Georgia

Age and Weight Brackets

Tourney Sign up Instructions

Folkstyle Info


Wrestling Info

For many families, wrestling is new. It can be a little scary to listen in on our practices or hear us coaching at a tourney. It will sound like some strange language and the rules are nothing like any other team sport your young wrestler has participated in. Below are some helpful links for rules and general info.

Wrestling Terms

Referee Signals

Wrestling Rules

FolkStyle Wrestling

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